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Flair Hunt Company (FHC) is India’s foremost media & entertainment hub backed up with the latest technology which exists with a prime aim to provide a panacea to potential artists longing to make an entry in the entertainment Industry. We work endlessly to provide a common digital platform where artists and talent hiring agencies can prevail together and meet each other, thereby making the arduous process of hiring artists effortless. Flair hunt acts as a perfect intermediary between artists and talent hiring agencies. Artists of all kinds such as actors, writers, dancers, singers to name a few can upload their auditions on our online platform and through our platform they can reach the top hiring agencies in a short period of time thus eradicating the protracted and wearisome traditional approach of bolting around casting agencies for getting opportunities.

Besides allowing aspiring artists to showcase their talent, We render help to the talent hiring agencies to end their permanent quest for talented artists by providing the requisite information regarding the prerequisites of the online auditions to the artists and at the same time mobilizing these audition files in the form of videos and photographs of artists from all across the globe, and sharing them diligently with the talent hiring agencies. We Understand how pivotal it is to search for the right artist. We are equipped with novel technologies like Audios, Videos, Artificial Intelligence, Social media and machine learning for creating an impeccable ecosystem for artists and agencies. We ensure that talented artists can locate the right break for them regardless of the fact that they don't belong from the entertainment industry. We are affiliated with the top hirers and provide them with the updated information of the artists at all times, and ensure artists face no obstacles in fulfilling their dreams.


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