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Our company FPIPL is a multifaceted business serving businesses and clients in every aspect of profession. FPIPL is eminent and respected for its versatility and dynamic operations. FPIPL offers a variety of services ranging from providing Fashion TV Business Opportunities, career consultation, Business consultation in the area of digital marketing, graphic design, animation to providing stardom hunt to aspiring artists and equipping our clients with novel information in the form of informative and advantageous news. We take painstaking efforts in ensuring that the businesses thrive and flourish in their Digital Marketing endeavors and to provide conducive ideations to promote their brands and products. Our core product Flair Hunt facilitates a common platform to unify artists and talent hiring agencies.

Furthermore, we are a collaborated company and our company is a cohort oF FTV Franchise/Events/License, Flair Technology, Expertrons, Flair Hunt, and Flair Times that provides coherent and comprehensive assistance and accommodations to our special clients. With utmost care and dedication our company undertakes this herculean task of providing our clients with unlimited opportunities in infinite possibilities like in graphical videos, Digital marketing, web & app development, up-to-date media coverage, opportunities in the entertainment industry, training and placement services, job guaranteed programs, Franchising business with some of the many luxurious and lucrative verticals of Fashion TV and many more relatable services.

You can trust our company for its reliability, uplifting, sensational, and revolutionary services, that are most desirable for the success of any business whether small scale or large scale to transcend from the survival mode to the profit generating mode.


To enable Business and Individuals rapid growth. To form partnerships with accredited companies from multiple Verticals and Domains and to bring opportunities within the reach of society.


Enclosing the area of Businesses with innovation and creativity, Helping Businesses with immense growth opportunities and Individuals in discovering a wide spectrum of new Business and Career opportunities.


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Personal Profile

Founder & MD of Flair Planet India Pvt Ltd (FPIPL), which is a One Stop Solution for all your Business needs with providing 100+ IT Services, franchising opportunities, Digital Marketing, Stardom hunt, Career opportunities and many more. I have ascertained FPIPL in aiding companies and Entrepreneurs to climb to profitability and score millions due to my business acumen and technical expertise.

Procured credible Experiences including knowledge in Mailing Domain, and Marketing to name a few while working with recognized companies. Ensuring Business Expansion and Development by Contributing more than Two Decades of mine Technical Experience and Prowess. Holding Suitable Experience in Market Research and have Carried out granular B2B Research in the intent of helping businesses grow multifold by Identifying latent opportunities.

Experienced Product Manager with an enhanced experience of 12+Years in this field, Carried out the Herecluen roles of Manager/ Technical Manager/ Development Manager and Director of accredited Companies and ensured effective running of the projects. Inspired in Turning Ideas Into Reality and always strives in placing Disruptive technologies among millions. Adept in Software development, facilitating my clients with short-term and long-term planning for their merchandises and projects along with covering risk management. Requisite Experience of more than 8+years in the position of Technical Architect specialist, Formed crucial strategies essential for Product Feature Development, Regulated meticulous Product Release Cycles. Carrying robust IT Background and leading operational expertise in solving daunting business challenges gravely. Leading Teams with insulating their integrity and Infusing them with enthusiasm and vitality for the successful completion of the projects. Extensively applied 15+ Years of coding, holding profound managing experience particularly in Website development by employing conducive technologies like LAMP, PHP, Python, Micro services, MySql, Postgresql, AngularJs, Mongodb. Well-Versed in SDLC life cycle and in Continuous Integration systems. Always mobilized to learn more innovative skills with a broader perspective on Business Intelligence. Cultivating Team Motivation with data-driven techniques and proficient in Recruitment, Training and Team Building.

My specialties: Business Development, Business Growth strategies, Brand Building & Promotion, Franchise Development, Career Maker, Deep Learning, Software Development, Growth hacker, Product Development, Artificial Intelligence, Risk Management


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