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Welcome to a whole different realm where fashion, glamour, and an opulent way of life embellishes the world. FashionTV has nurtured fashion into a global phenomenon. A space that inspires and adorns fashion enthusiasts with the power of media. Moreover, to further the brand’s purpose, FashionTV is now collaborating with aspiring entrepreneurs to launch multiple businesses in various fields by F-Talent, Franchising, Licensing, Events, Media and Concepts.

Over the years, FashionTV, being the giant multinational organization that it is, has launched a plethora of businesses in various industry sectors to achieve the unimaginable and reach greater heights. FashionTV has climbed its way up the financial ladder with one of the most idiosyncratic business models, the FTV FRANCHISE, which includes:

Fashion TV License About Us


FTV Cafe


FTV Lounge

FTV Night Club

FTV Brewery

FTV Vegan Cafe

FTV Wine and Dine


Fashion TV Franchise Food And Beverages

Health & Beauty

FTV Salon

FTV Wellness Studio


FTV MakeUp Studio

FTV Nail Spa

FTV Slim Center


FTV Beauty Center

FTV Tattoo Parlour

FTV Foot Spa

FTV Blow Dry Bar

Fashion TV Franchise Health and Beauty Vertical

Knowledge & Education

FTV School of Modelling

FTV FNB Academy

FTV Salon Academy

FTV Fitness Academy

FTV School of Fashion Designing

FTV School Grooming

FTV School of Performing Arts

Fashion TV Franchise Knowledge And Education


FTV Made to Measure

FTV Designer Store

FTV Home Decor

FTV Jewellery Store

FTV Accessories Store

FTV Fashion Store

Fashion TV Franchise Retail


FTV Casino

FTV Models

FTV Auto Mod

FTV Co Working Space

Fashion TV Custom Franchises

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